For the expecting Mama- Enjoy 2 hours of pampered bliss. First you'll snuggle down enveloped in comfy pillows and soft blankets for your customized pregnancy massage. You'll slip into quite bliss as all the body woes of pregnancy melt away. Next, say goodbye to puffy eyes and excess fluid in your face and neck with a gentle medicupping facelift, followed by a decadent sugar foot scrub. Now relaxed in a nurturing cocoon, you'll have 15 minutes of solo time. This is your time to do what's best for you and your baby. Meditate, focus on breathing techniques, talk with your little love bug and really tune into each other. Cloud 9 is calling your name! $140 Retail $160

Citrus Bliss- Your chosen aromatherapy scent will wash over you before beginning a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Then lose yourself within the first 5 min with the Peppermint Scalp Massage. Hot towels envelop your feet and prepare you for a foot scrub made from all natural ingredients. This is a 75 minute full body treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed! $100 Retail $120

Balanced Relief- Choose a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage and get ready to feel the tingle of peppermint essential oil worked into your scalp. Ending your treatment with a Mini AromaTouch that stimulates and soothes your hands and feet, helping to center and balance you and relieve the two hardest working parts of the body. This is an 80 minute treatment that will leave you feeling like curling up to a good nap. $100 Retail $120

Elevation- Your treatment will begin by choosing a full body Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage that caters to your specific needs. Next the room will fill with the scent of fragrant oils with a full AromaTouch Technique that aims to harmonize your body systems. You'll feel a calm peace but elevated spirit after this 95 minute treatment. $120 Retail $140

Immune Boost- Begin with a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage catering to your body's needs, followed by the super relaxing facelift and drainage cupping. End this 110 min treatment with the Mini AromaTouch leaving your hands and feet smelling of sweet happiness. $120 Retail $145