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MediCupping™ in a word, AMAZING! The top two questions I get are "Does it hurt?" and "What does it feel like?” No matter what kind of cupping you get (there are several kinds) it should not be painful. It should be similar in comfort level to traditional Deep Tissue Massage. Most people say it feels completely different than traditional massage but great. I've been using massage cupping techniques in my practice for a while now, and have absolutely seen marked improvement in my clients. With these improvements, I've wanted to add more variety and options that include this treatment. Now with much excitement I'm formally introducing MediCupping™ to open and facilitate a whole new world of healing!

The basic idea is a cup or bell is placed on the body and a small bit of air is suctioned out. The skin, tissue, fascia, and muscle fibers are lifted allowing each layer to be separated to its natural state. This allows full circulation through each layer as naturally intended. Cupping can be used on any part of the body and is great for chronic problems such as sinus issues, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, scars, and much more. It can be used solely during a session or integrated with traditional massage techniques.

To read more information on MediCupping™ and it's benefits, click the link

MediCupping™ Facelift and Drainage

30 min session- $50

Series of 8 30 min sessions- $320

MediCupping™ Massage Sessions

90 min session- $135

120 min session- $170

MediCupping™ Body Wrap Sessions

90 min session- $150 (includes facelift and drainage)

Series of 8, 90 min sessions- $1100 (includes facelift and drainage)